Nitzan Ron

Interaction Designer


I was curious about visualising the paths that the sun makes during different times of the year, and I wanted to materialize this information into a shape, into an autonomous tool. The intention of this object is that – by creating a physical pointer to translate data into graspable information – this instrument can somehow extend the human vision and sense for orientation.
The idea of an object being able to point in all directions, while creating a very slow movement, led the way to searching for the right shapes for all the different inner/outer parts, which would fit the object’s functions. 
As for the mechanics I decided to use an arm with one joint which is moved by two step motors. Inside the pointer there is a wifi element that is connected to a code which starts from the Lat/Long position of the object. From this position I produce two values of the sun’s position - azimuth and altitude degrees. Every 60 seconds the pointer gets two new values, which are then transferred to the two motors that move on different axis. One is moving the whole object, while the other one is pulling a string to raise the tip of the pointer to the correct angle.

Created at Body Language of Machines class at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, 2017